How a well-placed rug can change the look of a room

Hamza Oriental Art & Carpets is a favourite among Wonderboom Junction shoppers, offering décor enthusiasts the opportunity to not only browse through stunning pieces to adorn the walls of their home, but also to look at a beautiful selection of hand-woven silk carpets.

“Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with a great carpet, and the rest will fall into place,” is a philosophy Hamza Oriental Art & Carpets adheres to, but you may be asking: what kind of difference does a rug really make?

Read on to learn how many benefits there are to incorporating carpets and rugs into your home décor.

Rugs and carpets protect your floors

Whether your home is tiled or has wooden flooring, there is always a chance of scratches or other damage. Laying down a carpet or rug protects the floors of your home, and can also add a little pizazz to floors that are already showing some wear and tear.

They offer an element of safety

When installed and secured properly, carpets help to protect children and the elderly from getting hurt, should they fall. Placing liners under the carpet will prevent it from moving around – something that is especially helpful if you have toddlers running around.

Rugs and carpets reduce noise

If the pitter-patter of little feet is driving you up the walls, consider laying down a carpet on your hardwood floor. Rugs also help to reduce the echo in rooms, absorbing the noise and making for a quieter space.

Carpets add comfort and a warm atmosphere

Rugs and carpets feel soft and comfortable underfoot, but also add a sense of warmth to any room. Especially when the weather is colder, carpets are an essential addition to rooms that don’t get a lot of sun during the day.

A beautiful carpet is artwork for your floor

Considering the wide range of designs and styles used in the carpet industry today, you’re bound to find something that suits your personal style and taste. Don’t think of a carpet or rug as something that is merely practical – it also serves a particular aesthetic function.

Visit Hamza Oriental Art & Carpets at Wonderboom Junction the next time you’re looking to spruce up your home. Your convenient shopping centre in Pretoria North is home to a variety of varied retailers, making Wonderboom Junction your natural choice, whatever you’re looking for.

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